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All our pieces are guaranteed, you will find them to be of the highest quality.
We make our lampwork beads, dig our stones, cut and polish or facet them, then wire wrap or hand knot them into finished pieces.  We also make many of our chains and closures.

"Silver Lace".  This is a new technique I developed for working with silver, copper and gold.  The effect creates a solder-less filigree.  The only tools I use are my hands and a vise.  There is no solder used in my work.  It is a process of hand knotting, weaving and wrapping to create these beautiful pieces. This is not crochet or knit.   They are light weight, extremely durable, easy to wear and fit every neck beautifully .   I have never  taught this technique and it is unique to me.  

In order to make sure these pieces are one of a kind, I find and facet the gemstones used in our pieces. I use natural un-treated gemstones.   On rare occasions I will cut and use a synthetic gemstone.  If so it will be noted on the piece. 

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