We  take pride in creating every bead, every piece of stone, every faceted gemstone and every knotted wire & wrap to give you a truly unique and individual piece of art with a story of its own..
My passion was developed through years of rockhounding with my grandfather.  Watching him turn those stones into faceted gems both fascinated and inspired me.  I studied Geology in College and using his notes and hand built equipment, taughe myself to facet. I am honored to continue his legacy.  He is with us in. every stone we find, and every piece I cut.  Just for fun, I am faceting Dale's glass pieces for a whole new effect.

I have developed a new technique called "SILVER LACE" .   It is a process of hand knotting and weaving precious wire into a solderless filigree.  The effect is amzing and our pieces are completely unique. I have mastered this skill over the past 8 years and my work has never been duplicated. 

Dale found he had a tremendous skill of handling molten glass.  Trained by one of the NW leading Lampworker/Fusers, He has spent 15 years learning and creating new techniques and mastering his art. He has produced over 50,000 beads in his career, and there is no sign of stopping.  Dale's latest work includes a return to amazing marbles, implosions in soft glass (a very difficult technique) and drawer pulls. 

This year he has added some new techniques that are generally not done in soft glass.  Be sure to see the new Implosion series.  It is amazing.

We have been perfecting our trade for 20 years and show our products through out the  West .  You can purchase them through the website, at a show, or at one our the galleries who sell our work.  

Dale and I have been married for 40 years, have one son (High School Athletic Director) whom we are extremely proud of.  He is married to a wonderful woman, and we have a 2 wonderful grandsons Owen Lee and Sean Edward.   They are the joy of our lives.
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