Faceted Gemstones 
Most of our gemstones are dug in the field by us.  All stones are then faceted and set in wire by Karen.  

To finish the piece, I will do a "Silver Lace" or handmade chain. Any of our pieces can be changed to accommodate a handmade chain.

Synthetic gems are man made, however, the true synthetic gemstones are chemically the same as the gemstone they are made to match.  The only difference is the synthetic one is made by man.  Imitation stones are not the same as synthetic.  Imitation stones can be anything from spinel to glass.  

We only use natural and synthetic stones in our work.  NO IMITATIONS! 
I have studied geology and rockhounding since childhood.  I pride myself in using only natural colored stones.  I believe mother nature colors the stones best and therefore do not use treatments to enhance or change the color of the stones I have found.

I specialize in cuts that you dont find in an average jewely stores.  I am happy to cut and set your stones.  Please contact us for any special order needs you may have.
ERGJ Studios:  newportartgallery@gmail.com    www.ergj1.com      
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